How do we work

Initial phone conversation with a strategic list of targeted questions and an e-mail introduction containing a “Lifestyle Questionnaire” prepared by us is sent to you.

We ask you to compile images that appeal to you. Those represent your taste and style. They give us a head start and become a part of a permanent record we later on refer to.

A personalized “Mood Board” is created that ties all the data and information together.

Detailed measurements are taken on site.

In the next step we begin the creative process of developing a scheme individually suited to your needs. Colors and fabrics are selected, furniture styles determined and floor plans are developed.

After a few weeks you are invited for your presentation.

Data aquired during our consultation is applied to our graphic interior design program and we literally "walk you through" your home or business.

You see fabrics, finishes, colors, samples, furniture, window treatments - anything necessary for us to give you a clear mental picture of your transformed environment.

At this time, prices are presented for each specific item (sofa, chair, window treatment, wallpaper, etc.) that we recommend and minimum purchase amounts are discussed.